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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post please don't spread misinformation like that. Its not illegal at all.

Unlike in the UK, Canada does not have any specific government recognized group that assists players in acquiring airsoft guns. Airsoft may exist in Canada at this time but people are restricted from importing anything on their own without the correct expensive hard to get legal documentation. Retailers exist in this country but only in small numbers. The majority of them do business online and a few even have stores. Unfortunately I cannot share any more information on that topic at this time.

This website has a buy and sell forum as well as a retailer section that can be accessed if you are interested in acquiring this websites age verification. Its free, it can take a little time to set up and have put in place but in the end it can open up more doors when it comes to purchasing certain items. For example the JG SVD you wish to purchase.

To answer the latter half of your question in regards to what you feel you will require. I suggest additional magazines, a spare high quality battery, a good pair of protective goggles or paintball mask. That would be the extreme bare minimum. Appropriate footwear a hydration system and perhaps some form of rig that could carry anything you need should also be considered.
I Use glasses though is that enough? Cuz without them I am blind.
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