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KSC and KWA are on a different system so no. BUT KSC and KWA are both compatible to each other due to them using the same system, (they used to be one company supposedly with one providing OEM parts to the other and them being the distributors for the different continents but have now split up and can be considered separate entities).

TM and KJW however are the same system as KJW is a TM clone and the mags are compatible, HOWEVER you may have a bit of problems with off spec mags and such so try to use TM mags (another user had a problem with KJW mags just spewing all the gas but it was fixed by using a TM mag).

WA (Western Arms) on the other hand is NOT compatible with anything as it uses it's own system. Also they are usually made in limited runs as well (but I believe the general mag design is consistent just the specific guns are released as limited runs)
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