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Exclamation Read this and learn from my stupid mistake!!!

Alright folks I'm probably gonna get some flack over this but I figure it will be worth it it I can help someone stay safe.

I got home from work and my new (used) shiny gas shotgun was waiting for me. I bring it into the kitchen and cut open the packaging. Wow its heavy, full metal, feels good. I pick it up and look it over, turning it all around and admire my new toy. BLAM!!! my finger carelessly fondles the trigger, putting dents in my ceiling. The gun was shipped gased up with bb's in it. In fact it was cocked too.

The lesson: Never assume your gun is on safe, verify it. Always treat your airsoft it like a real firearm. While my gun was oriented towards the ceiling I could have caught a ricochet to the face or eye. Don't be a dumb ass like me. And never look down the barrel of you guns either.
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