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Originally Posted by Assault Pioneer View Post
yes it is confusing, because they had to deal with government bullshit.

but basically they can sell full metal guns to you now, but just the ones they have on their site, (you still cannot import any guns) just be happy you can buy them now, it's alot easier that way you don't REALLY need to understand. all you gotta know is that they can sell them to you legally and when you buy one you fill out a form with all your info on it and the gun's serial# is recorded so all this can be presented to the authorities if they ask (they kick down your door for some reason and find it, I dunno) no loop holes its legal legit.
Lol trust me, I am happy that I can get some but not just yet, for me anyways.

I've been around airsoft for something like 4 years now and answer me honestly when I ask this but I think I'm one of the more mature ones with airsoft that happens to be underaged.
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