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Originally Posted by Jaozin92 View Post
Thanks Brian for the Info. But when I turn 18 can I aks the canadian distribuitor to get a gun shipped for me or it's not possible?
Some retailers may or may not be able to, it sometimes depends on who they deal with, and a few may have some in stock. You can only contact these retailers after being age verified here. Be prepared to spend close to $800 on a good Dragunov (Classic Army) if that is what you fancy though I'm sure most people here would advise you against going sniper but I won't get into that.

Best thing you can do right now is to hit a few local games (I think you can see games posted here without AV status), check out other players, see what they sport, their loadouts, ask questions, most guys may even let you try out their airsofts. Welcome to ASC.
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