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Originally Posted by Jaozin92 View Post
Hello everyone on my first post.

I am currently looking foward of participating in airsoft events close to the GTA, I've been trying to get some info before I start( which is only able after june when I turn 18) I hope you guys can help. to get a weapon to play like Jing Gong or Tokyo Marui do I need a license like in the UK? and if I get a Jing Gong SVD Dragunov which is the one I want to get as a first weapon does it come ready to play or do i need to get other equipment for the weapon that does not come with the gun itself? is there anyway I can get a dragunov here in Canada or do I have to ask to be shipped from China?

thank you everyone in advance:P

It's not Illegal for you to receive information.. but your are restricted from buying Airsoft guns through this forum until you are 18 and are verified as being so.

You can't purchase airsoft guns off shore .. you need to buy from a retailer dealing with a legal Canadian Distributor .. ..

Good luck and welcome to ASC
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