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If the 'bullies' beat the shit out of the kid with baseball bats would the father be crying out to ban Baseball?

I have been shot by a paint ball gun from a moving vehicle (bad neighborhood at night) and I am still alive, and believe me that paintball hurt ALOT more then any peppering of airsoft bb's.

I got reported for "cyber-bullying" (apparently kicking somebody from a game of counterstrike because you don't like them is bullying) in school. If the kid had hardened the fuck up and socked me I would have had a lot more respect for him... I would have kicked the crap out of him but still. That kid looks like he gets on people's nerves and when he gets razzed for it cries to his dad. Not saying he deserved it but anytime kids premeditate something (like this drive by) they probably have a reason for it. The kid going to his parents then admitting he is scared to go back to class because of one kid is bull. Maybe he should strike first, throw a fist or two and accept his punishment.

tl;dr Not saying he deserved it, but maybe he should man up.
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