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i have this happen every 2nd or 3rd order that comes in but only if it comes through ontario end from over seas my last order sat at customs for three weeks and then when customs said it was still there my trac.# said tried attemps return to sender the next day trac# said it had arrived in hong kong.
my mail delivery person really likes me now lol he comes right to my door i guess some s##t hawk flew down on him or something lol biiiiiiiiig s##t hawks .
as far as custums they have the ability to sense if a package is wanted really bad so they then slide it beside their desk for a foot rest lol no offense to or border patrols but really whats all the holdup.or maybe its our fine gov. trimming down staff to buy more tvs and the likes, could be that there is 1 poor fella doin it all by himself ???
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