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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
When I'm sniping and I switch back to my pistol, It's because I did something wrong somewhere and I feel naked with a pistol vs full auto AEGs.

Even if my MK23 is silent and precise with 0.30g bbs, If I miss and I'm seen, I don't have the firepower to match my opponent.
You shouldn't see things that way, you have to learn that your pistol is your primary. Follow my mantra, when doing the sniper role, what weapon do you use to return fire when you suddenly walk into an ambush. The correct answer is your pistol, it's your primary and your rifle is only a special purpose (when you can get away with using it) weapon. You rock the MK23 NBB, so therefore it is a sub-extension of your rifle. Me, my preferred gun is the G19, too bad both of mine are down so have to settle for my MK23 and C11, but I never feel outgunned by AEGs, as long as I have and use cover properly. GBBs often will outrun AEGs if you learn to use them right, and apply that confidence when things go wrong.

Originally Posted by Dirty Deeds View Post
Quoted for truth.

I agree with and support this statement fully.
Two thumbs up!

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