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Originally Posted by Kid View Post
And I think the main concern is safety of eyes and teeth, rather than safety of ABS plastic. I don't remember anyone saying that they were worried about their guns breaking under a hail of BB fire.
On the contrary there has been a lot of concern expressed over this issue in regards to equipment as well as glass and props at a field. Thats primarily what this thread has been about, not goggle safety. I don't dismiss your concern, its just this isn't the thread for it.

That being said, for your benefit:

There are several threads, this being only one that discusses the matter. Its been a rather fragmented discussion over the past few months. Some of the discussion was addressed in BioVAL threads and reviews. You have to search around for it. Like I've said before and I will say again, this is player-choice driven. If you don't want to use them or play with them, don't. Hosts and field owners will have a position on it and its perfectly fair to ask if they are being used and if you're not comfortable with it and they are on the field, don't play at that game.

Those choices are out of my control, but, I personally feel the risk is marginal compared to styrene or PLA. And if you are concerned to that level, then I would also recommend a more aggressive PPE policy on your goggles, replacing the lenses annually and replacing them whenever you take a hit on them - thats industrial health and safety policy North America wide when it comes to ANSI rated eye protection. My point in this is most people don't even do that, which I think puts them at even greater risk than playing with these.
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