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Hope this helps

Originally Posted by xopher View Post
I know its probably not the same thing but the guys at canadian tire said they are. Could someone tell me if they are the same? and if not where i can find some.
Cause its Canadian Tire, and they are just handicapped. The propellant in the spray is a factor towards the breakdown of seriously important rubber components. Amos is definatly a guy to listen too. A friend of mine a few years back used it and thought it would happen immediately and was like "oh well nothing happened its all still there", yeah he was a dumba** and had to get a few new internal parts for his ICS M4 after about 5 or 6 weeks. Its a little difficult to source in stores with out petroleum products in it, at least in Calgary it is,(again breaks down the rubber) so I usually just get it from ( link There are also so many threads on this issue with lots of imput.
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