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Fair Enough.

Couple points to mention.
ICS Bolt does go all the way back
ICS Cocking handle does lock with a functioning bolt stop
ICS Mags are not compatable with TM and MAG, however there are rumours that G&G mags may fit.

The youtube comment was more of a general comment to today's reviews as I find them very lacking and I suppose I was looking for more in depth coverage in terms of the working mechanics of the gun. Personally I think that gearboxes are a very important piece of the gun, lacking a section or detailed report on it is imho a mistake, but i understand your descision not to strip apart the box untill there is a failure. Myself, I strip apart a gun completely the moment I get it to clean out all the stock dried grease, reshim and ensure all the internals are functioning smoothly.

Your point is well taken however, that I Have not handled a G&G Sig550 as of yet. I will keep my eye out for it.

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