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First off, don't go putting words in my mouth.
Second, nowhere did I say the internals were superior to any other brands.
I said I have had no issues with the mechbox going into it's third season at least.

Round count by myself is about 10,000.
I don't know how many rounds the previous owner fired.

Nowhere did I say it shoots faster than any other brand, I never mentioned rate of fire anywhere.
And if you are refering to the FPS, I am only stating that is what it was chronied at last saturday.

Superior gun as far as build quality goes yes, I do claim that, as I have first hand experience with handling all the brands of SIG rifles. As well I have a real steel version to compare to side by side. (You can see the two together in the review thread.)

I am, and have only refered to the accuracy of the reproduction of features, the build quality of the externals, and quality of materials of the externals of the G&G SIG, in comparison to the TM SIG I have owned, and the JG SIG/w Hurricane body, I have owned. And an ICS SIG I have held. And the accuracy of detail, build quality, and quality of materials is better in the G&G than in the other brands. That is first hand knowledge.

I never compared internals of these models, because I never had a need to open the mechboxes. So I don't have personal experience to comment on the mechboxes, other than observed performance.
That is why there is no reference to internals. People can judge from other sources on internal parts.
My only comment I can make about the mechbox is, it has been problem free, and performs excellent. And I stick to that comment.

I have been objective, and have only stated my opinion on what I have experienced, and the research I have done. I expect people looking to buy a SIG rifle would also do a little bit of research on all the brands.
There are tons of photos and reviews on all brands of SIG rifles, and I have posted photos of the gun disassembled, just short of removing the mechbox and opening it up. ( Which seeing as it performs flawlessly, I see no need to.)

And it is well documented, if anyone does the research, the issues with the ICS SIGs, (some of these apply to the TM, JG, Hurricane, and crapsoft SIG rifles as well)
- Wobbles in stock and foregrip - (ICS, TM, JG) ------ G&G's is solid
- Bolt handle falls out (ICS) ------ G&G's locks in, and stays locked in
- Bolt handle doesn't go all the way back (ICS,TM, JG) ------ G&G's goes all the way back
- Bolt handle does not lock (ICS,TM,JG ) ------ G&G's Bolt handle locks back, and bolt release also functions
- Magazine compatability issues ----- Works with G&G mags, TM mags, and MAGbrand mags
- The materials for the buttstock, pistol grip, and foregrip, do not feel the same as real steel (this applies to TM, and JG, as well)
------ G&G's buttstock foregrip and pistol grip materials all feel the same as the
real steel, and correct size.
- ICS also has mechbox issues ------ as well as most brands.
- Issues with battery fitment

Overall plenty of issues with ICS, and as for the other brands(TM and JG) I don't need to mention plastic bodies.

Now let's look at G&G negatives...
- there are only partial trades on it. I can confirm it has only partial trades. (only an issue if you must have full trades)
- the purported bipod issue.... I addressed earlier.. the real steel doesn't lock either, they are identical in looks, and performance.
- The claims of poor internals... I have had no problems and performance is excellent.

I don't knock your experience, but I do knock your evaluation of the G&G SIG solely on the reviews of internal parts of other rifles.

I suggest you should have a closer look at one when you get an opportunity.
I think you will be geatly surprised, and impressed.

I would hardly say I am taking it personally, or that I am lashing out. I am only stating my opinion from MY experience with these particular rifles. I was not giving a full review of a G&G gun in an ICS gun thread. If someone wants a more in depth review they could ask, and I could point them to the info already posted, and not have to type a ton of redundant information.

You on the other hand have insulted me by comparing me to a 14 year old on Youtube. Commented and given recommendation against a rifle you have never handled, and then admonish me for my opinion. :roll eyes: If you want more detail all you have to do is ask. I don't always feel like typing a wall of text.

Sorry this got off topic about the ICS SIG 552, I only wanted to point out the G&G SIG552 was releasing in a week or so, and to have a look at it before making your purchase.
If anyone has any other questions about the G&G SIG I'd be happy to answer them.

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