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Originally Posted by Schlyder View Post
Yes I have had it apart, all except the mechbox, as it's going on at least the third season with no problems.

there is the review thread.

"...While Ill admit I have not handled the G&G Sig 550 in person...

Well maybe you don't have any basis for comment then do you.
My basis is from my Experience with G&Gs. Internally, they are the SAME v3 boxes and parts used in their AK Lineup. You have not even opened the box to check the wear/tear on the internals yet your making a claim that they are superior guns. You need to clarify, "Superior, in what way?".

If your asking what looks prettier, then thats an opinionative statement, with no imperical data. If your talking about internal quality, you need to elaborate that. From my Experience, many G&G boxes have had to be reshimmed, regreased and the cylinders deburred (as they slice up the piston head Oring). I have many clients who have brought me their G&G guns to fix, and swore them off completely after I showed them the difference between quality guns and clones.

I would also like you to elaborate on your experience with TM in terms of the comparison as you have made no imperical comparison other than "It looks better and shoots faster" to base your claim on. Have you any experience with the longevity of TM? Have you seen the internals of a TM box compared to a G&G box to compare durability and longevity?

Anyone can keep a working gun for [x] number of seasons. It all depends on how you treat/store your guns and how many rounds go through it. Sorry but by your logic, I could pick up a walmart gun and make it "outlast" a TM.

What Im trying to do is make you be more objective about your analysis. The point of a review is to convince me to purchase or stay away from a product with imperical data. So far, I think youve taken it personally. Lashing out is somewhat counterproductive. I have not been convinced by your review or your statements so far. Its your job as the reviewer to convince me otherwise.

Im very rarely impressed by clones. Often my justification is warrented. Ive handled over a 75 different models, varients and brands over the last year alone and I have a very objective point of view as I see first hand the difference between quality. Once in a while, I become very impressed with a clone, but its far and few. TM does not pay me to support them and I have no allegience with them. But so far, your arguments do not stand up to scruitiny. And that to me, is far more important than "It shoots 400 fps and it looks pretty."

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