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Originally Posted by Schlyder View Post
So if you are looking for quality SIGgy goodness, G&G is what you want.

Comparing a G&G SIG to a TM SIG55x, an ICS SIG55x, a JG SIG55x,
is like comparing Tiger Woods golf game to your Grandma's.
What basis are you making this claim with?
So far youve only stated that the receiver is stamped steel and it fits TM Mags. Have you ever dissassembled your gun before? Do you know the material composition of the internal components? Have you even done a solid comparison with the TM in terms of longevity? Im sorry, but so far, youve given me no more information than any youtube 14 year old.

While Ill admit I have not handled the G&G Sig 550 in person, I have handled many other G&G Products, both old and new. And of all the G&G Guns ive repaired, G&G has always been the biggest headaches, most prone to failiures and some of there parts and designs are propriatary. TM on the other hand, has proven itself repeatedly over the years to be very reliable, with very few Issues. The Hurricane Metal body is not the most realistic body, but rather it is the ONLY aftermarket metal body available.

Furthermore every clone shoots just under 400, that does not mean that it is superior, or better in every way. Judging a gun by its initial fps is pointless, as all they do is put a heavier spring in the box. They do not do reinforcement upgrades or anything different from TM, and paired together with inferior materials and tolerances for their parts, will often cause catastrophic faliures inside the box.

Im not disputing the looks of the G&G, I have never handled the realsteel, but I do know from experience that G&G has always been internally less than desireable to their TM Counterpart.

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