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Originally Posted by Brayden View Post
thx to both and my friend will not buy g&g
this isn't the clear lowered, sportline level G&G, this is top quality. He has obviously not seen a G&G SIG550. As good a quality as it gets.

Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
If he wants to go the quality route.

TM Sig 552
Hurricane Body Kit.

You wont have the ICS functioning Bolt stop
And itll cost more, but itll be a far better gun in the long run.
I have had a 552 with a Hurricane body. And it is hardly anywhere near the quality of the G&G SIG receiver, or the rest of the externals for that matter.

Look I am going to tell you guys this again...
I own a real steel civilian version of the SIG550 (Swiss Arms Black Special)
The G&G is as good a replica as you are ever going to see/get. The reciever is stamped steel like the real steel version.
All the externals feel as good and solid as the real steel.
It uses TM mags, and stock it shoots 390 - 400fps.
I have not had a problem with it, and the previous owner never had a problem with it. As far as I know that's at least 2 seasons with no issues, going into a 3rd. And it's a tack driver.

So if you are looking for quality SIGgy goodness, G&G is what you want.

Comparing a G&G SIG to a TM SIG55x, an ICS SIG55x, a JG SIG55x,
is like comparing Tiger Woods golf game to your Grandma's.
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