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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
You want reliable. Ok.

ICS 552 Has proprietary mags. Almost No major retailer sells the mags individually.
Metal is good quality, bolt catch isnt as smooth as Id like it.

Only 1-2 brands of low mah small batts can fit in em 95% of the minis will not fit.
Your pretty much stuck with the Twix sized lipos.

Cocking handle falls off very easily. I garuntee youll lose it on the field.

Internals are fairly solid
Much louder though in comparison to the TM Counterpart.

Not a detailed review, but enough to get the hint that I dont suggest it.

Tarobear is correct and as Im his gundoc for his ICS Sig552, I can confirm his claims.
thx to both and my friend will not buy g&g
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