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Originally Posted by The Acer View Post
A good chuck of the money from any new sales goes directly to Asian between the gun itself, shipping cost and exchange rate.

So When you says Canadian Pride, I dont buy that. Because very little money ends up in the retailer's hands. The rest goes to the importer, shipping and to Asian.
true, but the little of money that the retailer see's keeps food in him and his family's mouth, and guns in your hand. I mean im fairly new to airsoft, and in my few months of research I saw price drops in local store's. so it is coming down as the sport grows. And as the sport clears its legality. Do i want things to be cheaper so I can buy more? yes, but do I also want to keep Canadians selling to Canadians? Defiantly. A lot of Canadian retailers bust there balls to get the guns in our hands, that's vary apparent. So for there hard work I can live with a bit of mark up, hell my cellphone provider is raping me where the sun dosent shine, that bothers me more then my friendly neighborhood airsoft retailer having his turn too lol, at least he works a little for it. heck just my opinion, all in all I just want to say I appreciate what a lot of retailers have done for the sport. and what people like saint have done.

My business will stay in Canada for the time being. (not that I actually have a choice atm so that claim is pretty usless ha ha but I look loyal though don't I? ^^)

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