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Jeff I am not pointing fingers at all at one one retailer

I know you guys need to make money and bay bills as well as live.

You say you sell 1 (maybe 2 or 3) guns a day, now imagine if you could sell those guns at a good price (starter price, say 120 -150 like in the US) how many would you sell then

demand is low here because of the cost IMO, some will say that the low end guns in the US are crap but they are great starter guns and 1000 times better then the walmart guns. If we had those guns in canada what would the market be like then? People would try the sport out more...Like it and spend more on upgrades or new guns.

TS you say Ah the question that many people have asked over many years. I have no direct answer for you...or at least not an answer you would want. So here is a picture of an onion instead. " but sometimes any answer is better then none right????

see the hard core don't want the cheap stuff int he market but its needed.. just as some say they don't want the kids/noobs but they are the next gen of the sport.

I was into paintball before it was huge and saw the same thing and to be honest if was the prizes and crap that killed paintball IMO no the mass market stuff.

Back to Jeff... Yes if something is gonna sit on the shelf longer then you charge more we all get that and respect that.

I have had retail store in the past so I understand, but I also changed distributors if needed to keep price down to I could sell more product faster at a better price.

so My question to the retailers is.. Would you buy wholesale from another company out side of Canada if you could get guns in and sell them at a better price to other Canadians?
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