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Originally Posted by baker_Jeff View Post
Personally I mark up items I carry anywhere from 15-80%. It depends on the item, where it comes from, and how it was shipped. It also depends on the popularity of the item, and how long I think it's going to sit on the shelf. Most things I list at MSRP if possible. I'm not trying to rip anyone off, but g'damn I have alot of expenses because of this business. Sooner than later, it will be my only livelihood, and I will be using it to pay all the bills, mortgage, and to pay for food.

Because of this, things will probably be marked up a bit more.

Personally, I think the reason our stuff (I'm talking legal stuff here, not smuggled or BFL abused guns) is marked up SO high compared to american stuff... is the demand.

An american retailer can sell 100 guns in a day for example. They have small markup, but they make up for it with the fact that they have the market to sell many, many guns.

Here... I might sell none in a day, some days 2 or 3. I can't afford to sell them for less. It's not because people are willing to pay it, or that I want to "get rich", it's just that I need to make a certain amount of profit in a month to pay the bills and then to buy more product.

People are so quick to jump on CAS and even 007 for charging "300%" markup on guns that cost next to nothing in other countries... but the markets are absolutely MASSIVE in those other countries. How many retailers does CAS and 007 have here that they can wholesale to? Hardly any! How are they supposed to maintain their M-F businesses if they don't make enough money on the products that they do sell?

That being said, I will support Canadian businesses as much as possible. I do buy from american and asian wholesalers, but anything I can get here in Canada, I will.

That's my couple cents!

good post.

Its not only airsoft that has these same issue's. Canada is one of the largest country's in the world with a fairly small population. Its no wonder things are a little more costly. And I think you would see vary quickly if the states started selling in Canada there prices would go up before to long or they would discontinue selling in Canada. Yes airsoft is fairly expensive, but if it was super cheap then the community would slide into a community like paintball vary fast. and I personaly am not a huge fan of that community (ex speed ball player). In my opinion a few grand a year to play a sport I love isn't asking to much. It cost 5000 bucks to put my step bro's in hockey for heck sakes.

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