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Originally Posted by VooDooPeteK View Post
So if the Americans can bring items into the US and sell for lower costs why can't the Canadians if they are dealing direct?
This will open a can of shitfest that some of us would like to forget, any chance of any of us bringing anything in with any blessing from the authorities died with a certain importer long ago. What ever Mach1/safesoft are doing are the same thing in a different time and also a lot more responsible. Whatever or wherever it comes from we can still get our "toys" the high price we pay is a small price for all the headaches that the retailer have to go through..........My opinion is if you want a certain item bad enough then you better be willing to pay for it, whether it originate from Canadian or American retailer it comes from the same place and our money is going to neither the American or Canadian economy. The Bottomline is as long as I can get my "toys" I really couldn't give two shit where it comes from.

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