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Originally Posted by VooDooPeteK View Post
So if the Americans can bring items into the US and sell for lower costs why can't the Canadians if they are dealing direct?
Your never going to get an answer to that.. Even though you already know the answer.. We all do and no one will admit it too themselves nor will anyone say it out loud because frankly its not very pleasant.

And Jeff, Im not pointing fingers at anyone least of all you. But frankly in the same argument Ive had people say that Demand is high therefore prices are high, and Ive had people say Demand is low so therefore prices are high. Ive had people justify it all kinds of ways. But it does not really matter, because the people that are operating legit business and are selling for reasonable markups are not the problem. We understand and can accept the fair prices that are being offered by 80% of the retailers.

You know it and I know it, Everyone knows who's the elephant, we just don't want to talk about them.

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