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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Wait wait wait wait stop for a second....something just occurred to me.

As it stands right now we already have some retailers that source their product their American suppliers. However we also have retailers who sourced direct from Asian suppliers and even a couple of folks who source from factory.

Whats the point of another middle man? I dont see any point in adding another party to the story. More hands means more money involved most of the time. It would be all fantastic fine and dandy if it were some how possibe for an American company to source airsoft guns direct from their manufactures and then some how magically get them into Canada for an extreme low cost. There was another point I had as well but I cant remeber what it was about...I think it had something to do with donuts.

So if the Americans can bring items into the US and sell for lower costs why can't the Canadians if they are dealing direct?

All I am saying is bring it on and in for that matter who is it gonna hurt? If the Canadian distributors think it will hurt them then that means they know what are over priced....same goes with the retailers.

If they think the prices they sell for the stuff is fair and good they have nothing to worry about right?
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