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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
I think I would buy in Canada, keep the dollar in country. Not that a small purchase like that would really affect anything anyways.

Prices in Canada have never been better and to those who think that their pockets are being raped now least you weren't around a few years ago because the pricing then probably would have killed you.
Gee I clearly remember what I paid when I got started, and I can tell you that I never paid a 700% markup.

But in all honesty you are right, things are getting better and right now they are plenty of honest retailers selling quality product for Fair prices.

Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
The half-clear guns everyone gets from CAS are at the same price because CAS artificially inflates the price to begin with. It's not the retailer's fault.
I completely agree with you, clearly there are legitimate reasons for some of the disparities that are easy to understand.

Here's a hypothetical situation, Lets say Im a retailer. And I set up a system where by you request items from me. I have you select said items using Red wolf airsoft's website, thus clearly showing you what they are going to cost me. Only for me to turn around and demand that you pay 300% markup PLUS shipping on top. Is this fair? Considering that I the retailer shoulder no financial risk as I force you to pay upfront.

If anyone. And I mean anyone can tell me the justification for that then by all means...

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