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Originally Posted by DanoftheDead View Post
true, but I'd like to know where the retailers come up with the pricing that they set? Most retailers have almost exact same pricing is this the lowest that they can offer and still turn a profit? Retailers lets hear it!
Unless your honestly expecting them to show up and say.. Oh you got us.. yea we love money. Then your going to be waiting a while.

There is no justifiable reason why there's this high of a markup unless its going towards bribes for Customs officers. (THAT'S A JOKE LADIES AND GENTS*)

And to further elaborate, Personally I have always been a one retailer kinda guy. I shopped with Tru for a long time, because he always delivered and was prompt and had great comms. Also he had fair prices. Now that Im back in the sport Im looking for the "new" retailer whom I will buy my stock from, and there are a few that are looking promising. Don't loose faith.

*Im sure customs officers are all of the highest moral fiber and would never accept a bribe nor tolerate one being offered nor am I implying that doing so is either the method by which retailers import their product nor am I suggesting you attempt bribery to allow you to import.
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