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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Personally .. Ill pay 20% more to buy local than to go out of country.. Ill do whatever I can to support local commerce and to help put food on the tables of people I know.

I know from experience that this comes back to you in the future.

The I want it Cheap and Now approach does not have sustainability
Brian read what you said. I would LOVE to pay 20% markup to buy from Canadian.. hell 50% markup even. But 100,200 to 300% markup is whats going on right now with some retailers

Not all retailers are guilty of this. Infact Mach 1 and Oneworld both are around 50% or so for their higher end product and I applaud them both. And Saint relax, what your doing is fine, and the retailers that are being supplied are "fairly" priced for the most part and anyone here insulting you directly is off their rocker.

Fact of the matter is, I always prefer to buy Canadian, but I certianly am not willing to spend 200% more on an identical product just because Im Canadian. Its an insult and its dishonest. Someone explain to me why a $50 dollar US GBB that was brough into Canada from the states is being sold for 300+ by Canadian retailers. Is it shipped in a gold box by virgins? Gimme a friggen break.

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