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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
No offence, but I'd say Canadians are better served by Canadian distributors.
Oh.... because CAS serves canadian well with their shitty product lines at outrageous prices?

And while the Mach1/Safesoft initiative is great on paper, pretty much all the resellers are out of stock (and have been for some time), and Mach1 takes often more than a week to answer simple questions by email...

Sorry, but I can't really call that being "well served".

For customers, a bit of competition can't hurt either anyways.

Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
It's something of a matter of national pride, and keeping our dollars at home.
If the pricepoint is close, I'd rather buy from a Canadian company. Same thing if it's a canadian-based company (ex: I'll choose Airsoft Innovations anytime over Madbull) or if there's a significant advantage (ex: good warranty).

But if I can get the same thing cheaper with an equivalent service, I won't have any remorse buying overseas.

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