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Originally Posted by Percuvius View Post
Did you see that Crappy Tire says in the description "approved for paintball" ? Someone should ring their necks before someone loses an eye.

I bought the JT Flex 8 goggles.
I just did today, when I pointed out that they are liable when falsifying safty ratings when advertising a product they apologized and said they would contact those responsible for the website to correct the problem. I bet money though they won't fix it.

Paintball goggles requires a minimum of ANSI 87.1+ rating to qualify for the "paintball" approved. I have contacted JT's demanding the safety specifications for these goggles, but they appear to have discontinued the line.

Long and the short of it. Don't buy them. They fit great and are comfortable, but they are no safer then ski goggles.

Infact never buy goggles that do not implicitly say ANSI 87.1 or 87.1 or 87.1+ ect. on the actual goggle surface. Even goggles that claim to be "milspec" is bullshit, as there is no consumer reporting required for that claim. its like "lite" products, there is no requirement to quantify them. I would rather wear crosman goggles that have the appropriate ANSI rating then trust 200 dollar "milspec" goggles that have no ANSI certification, I mean if your charging 200 bucks for goggles why not spring for the 80 dollars US to have them tested by ANSI so you can get them certified.. because they probably would not pass the testing.
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