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1100 -1200 after pellets
500 for an upgraded TM M4 S-system second hand
75 for 1 high cap and 4 68rd midcaps
30 for another battery
10 for a 100rd speed loader
12 for a sling ring

80 for a OD blackhawk! recon chest rig
50 for surplus us issue camelbak (like the one on Bad company 2)
50 for ESS Profile NVG goggles (kind of a waste)
40 for a JT raptor paintball goggle/mask
120 on a condor gun bag (ouch i know)
10 for a second hand bungie one point sling
100 on pouches, Admin, 1 shingle, 1 4 mag pouch 2x2, 1 2 mag pouch, hoop dump pouch, and a couple other pouches
5 on a cheap Woodland boonie hat
30 for knee pads
15 for a Shegmah

I already had boots some camo gear as well

I'm still after an eotech 552 clone and a vert grip and some propper Multicam bdu's which is kinda fun since i take a XXXL in both
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