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Originally Posted by Shooting Addict View Post
Get a CA nicer externals then the TM(Nylon Fiber>Plastic)
Although I could be wrong, I'm pretty sure CA uses fibre-glass reinfoced plastic, not nylon.

I believe the CA version is a better buy due to the externals. If you don't really give a damn about the externals, then perhaps go for the TM, as the internals are more reliable when stock. However if you're gonna change em out anyways, the CA probably has better internals to build upon.

If you are considering TM, you may also want to consider JG. My JG AUGA2 was one of the first ever made, got it back in 2007. It still runs flawlessly, and never had a single jam or misfire that was not caused by a mag.

One thing I will say, is that the foregrip is very wobbly on the JG, and I'm pretty sure the TM and CA have the same problem.

Please correct me if I am wrong.
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