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Red face Purchased the ICS sig 552

Hey, I recently bought a ics sig 552 from adrenaline paintball and i loved it, i wish I had of waited for a vfc but.. anyway i wan't to upgrade it with the ics tactical quad rail handguard, cheek rest, tactical rail.

Tomorrow I will be recieving a short src silencer, swiss arms sig 552 tactical rail (not sure if its metal) and a ics foam foregrip from airsoftgi.

But I still need the just released ics quad rail, cheek rest and tactical rail if mine is plastic. Anyone know wear to get this stuff? Should I try making a order at adrenaline. I don't think the quad rail is being sold yet it was just released on the 15th.

I'm trying to go for something like this but a ics version.

Any help that you supplie i thank you for.
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