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Originally Posted by red_baroness View Post
You should try looking at the AIR GUN FACT SHEET on the RCMP WEBSITE
I also put that up.. but again... from the RCMP fact sheet... as Airsoft guns arnt airguns by legal definition but replicas.

and Willy Wong had an import license (which the govenrment doesnt give out anymore) which doesnt make it legal for anyone to have, just for the use and only use of theater/movie, and you have to have a license for that as well. it's legal to have pot if you have a docters perscription too, doesnt mean that anyone can have it.

On another post,
Originally Posted by Lestat_d View Post
This is all very confusing; and my mom says I am a pretty bright guy...

So if I get this right -- importers bring them in while they are above the normal FPS thresholds we game at, to take them out of replica classfication (prohibited) and into unrestricted firearm classification (okey dokey).

Then the retailer in-Canada reduces the FPS to the <400 fps mark before selling, so someone doesn't get zapped on the game field...

Question: Once the retailer drops the FPS to <400 levels, doesn't it become a replica again -- and we are at risk of seizure for possessing; or is it just the importing of replica's thats prohibited?

(rubs head -- ouch)
Read this thread.. it's why Mach1 and such are importing full metal guns now.. but don't try it at home. I probably shouldn't have brought that up but basically they are changing shooting charicteristics to classify the guns as unregistered, unlicensed guns.. this involves increasing muzzle velocity... but to legally sell them they have to keep the muzzle velocities high meaning the end user recieves a rifle that shoots way to hot for most field regulations. If an end user wants to degrade the firearm to a lower muzzle velocity he can but that makes a replica firearm again which is illegal. Basically, any gun that is allowed on most fields is illegal in canada.

Then the retailer in-Canada reduces the FPS to the <400 fps mark before selling, so someone doesn't get zapped on the game field...
isn't correct as once the retailer reduces them to sub 400fps its a replica firearm again and is illegal to sell. As such the retailers arn't reducing them so that they can legally sell them

Sorry for the confusion (and it is confusing) but the above thread will give a good in site to the canadian laws as well. Oh wait, I believe it's The Saint that's done this amazing work as well, so LISTEN TO THE GUY, red_baroness!!!!
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