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Hello. I am they7692. I am a US airsofter. I came here because of your WE/WETTI M4/SCAR-L thread.

I'm 17, turning 18 in a few months. I've also been playing airsoft for six years as of next month. I currently have a VFC M4ES Tactical, but I've had tons of guns before that (mostly JG's and Cyma's, one Echo 1, and various sporting good store spring guns). Once I replace the barrel assembly on my M4, I plan on buying and decking out a WETTI SCAR-L, then I'll buy and stabilize a WE M1911, and finally, build a KJW M700 with an HPA rig. Then I can finally say "I have every gun I will ever need for any airsoft scenario" and can die in peace.

I go by the same name here as I do on Airsoft-Barracks, AirsoftForum, Arnie's Airsoft... pretty much any major airsoft forum around, I am probably on.

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