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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
As long as there's a structured environment for underage kids to play with the approval of their parents (not just *drop kids off in the woods* "OK ILL SEE YOU LATER") underage airsoft can be very good for out sport as a whole when it comes to legitimizing its self as a SPORT
I agree, with proper structure and having gotten eveything legal/insurance sorted out, having teens play is good for the sport. I'd say that we have 2 or more teens for every adult ask to play. They will get older and when they do it will boost adult turn out as well, rather then getting put off by not being able to play and losing interest before 18. Problems usually arrise with structure and insurance and liability. Also I know that most current players want it to be 18+ be cause they don't want to deal with kids (granted fair point) but I think there should be options for teens if possible. Our group does allow 16+ to play (with provisions) but there are games that happen and due to Various reasons, are restricted to 18+ which we make very clear and our younguns know they cant play, but it does help with numbers and as our guys turn 18 they become a responsible member of the adult airsoft community, all ready to go with experience.
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