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I agree completely, this is something that "WE" as a group of voices we should be organizing our self's and our sport. So that we can be a great position when and if someone decides that they will try to make waves in the pool. It's not as difficult or as big as looking at the whole picture at once, but start with the basics and one person at a time it can work. I want to see this sport grow and be strong in canada, not some backyard misunderstood sport.
hate to say it. "WE" have like what? 5000 members tops that MIGHT stand their ground. The Coalition for Gun Control and its friend can wave a hand and stop you. CSSA (Canadian Shooting Sports Association), CILA (Canadian Instuite for Legal Actions), and NFA (National Firearms Association) are having problems stopping Coalition for Gun Control (despite most...90% are out-of-context or false claim. Example: "In the Legiar Legiar Poll showed that 84% of Canadian supported long gun registeration -Legiar Legiar is Quebec poll, who only conduct on Quebecois....And Quebec politic and media are notorous for being anti-gun...Not so much representative of all Canada"

What does this has to do with airsoft? Simply put, Many people here are also firearm owners, when the sky falls people (I myself included) will sacrifice airsoft over firearms simply because airsoft is such a niche one that tyranny of majority can out say the sport. Also Western Countries with harsh rules with airsoft are usually hard on gun ownership.
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