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For those who think this is beneficial... you're dead wrong.
These guys are trying to make registeration for the current legal definition of uncontrolled firearms. Basically they want to control the uncontrolled.

Replica will still be band, the exception will be registered.
You think it will be legalize? Wendy Cukier of Coalition for Gun Control is part of IANSA (International Network on Small Arms) led by Rebecca Peters. For those who don't know IANSA is a recognized UN Organization that moves to remove firearms from the people (replicas included, see Youtube vid of Replica into firearms by Mothers Against guns a group supported by IANSA. These guys are not the ones to be friend with, in fact they will take away your rights to get it done. They're trying to do that using UN treaty to override UN Consitution. They did it with Britain, now they're trying to ban airsoft.
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