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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
.... It's up to the field owner in the end of whether or not they can play or not.

ie. You can't buy guns till you're 18+ here on the forums but you can always rent or otherwise when you're 16+. Hell I know that places like Laser Trek in Calgary have a 14+ rule (same as paintball IIRC and I believe that's because of safety concerns from the parent insurance company that stipulates things like this).

Other places might be 16+, and even others may be 18+ no exceptions and others 18+ unless with a reputable 18+ player taking care of you (ie. uncle/brother/dad/cousin playing alongside you).

ALSO NOTE that paintball fields aren't really supposed to be letting people play airsoft because it's not really stipulated in their insurance policy.
I realize that it's field based decision. Actually this is for our field and we're inforcing a 18+ rule or 16+ with parental permisson (we need to talk to them first). I just get asked a lot by some kids (and parents for that matter). We have our own reasons for age restrictions but I want to see if they line up with everyone elses across Canada, as well as see if there's anything I missed. I'll post results when I compile everything.

<Disclaimer> I'm not a lawyer but I play one in Airsoft </Disclaimer>

Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
I like to think of it as Firearm
Technically were pushing airsoft into uncontrolled firearms, we should self-regulate because these item will cause damage. Just the pellet it shoot, not the reprecussion from police and media.

The Firearm Law state you need to be 18 to get your own license. (Dont goto Minors, we dont use airsoft for a living)
Funny thing but I just read on CBC that the Canada Safety Council is pushing for replica firearms to be regulated much like regular firearms (Guess they feel banning them outright isn't really working well). Personally I really dont see a problem with this as yet but I'll wait and see... I'll post another thread for that discussion here

Originally Posted by Amos View Post
The 18+ rule is entirely about the copious amount of pornography that is found out in the airsoft filed. (It is my understanding that most clubs play on Porno farms)
Nice.. I havn't seen it at our field... maybe I'm not looking in the right direction

Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
mature means you understand community rules and are willing to abide,without the need for someone to give you a lengthy explanation of the reasons why.
+18=being legally an adult : this should be enough.

anything sounding like "yes but *whinewhinewhine*" is a clear demonstration of immaturity.
I completely agree.. I've been ready to hit people... there are 5 admins and to allow a minor we need to come to a concencis (Krap.. can't spell today). One 12 year old has approched 4 of us and says he's mature.. when we say he's to young he says he understands then goes to the next admin.... since he ran out of admin's there's a player now petitioning for him... I'm ready to smack someone... no means no... don't keep asking different people!!!

*Rant stopped.... .ahhh ... that feels better*

Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
I dont think this argument is valid. The person claiming to be mature has every right to question why things are the way they are. He he seeking reasoning of a system that he does not clearly see the purpose of at first glance, as far as I know hes not trying to get around the rules or to bend them in order to fulfill his wants and needs. You say being mature means to understand and respect the rules that are in place, how is asking for reasons behind them a "clear demonstration of immaturity"?
I agree, in fact, this is just as much for our admins as well as those that ask, so that we know why were are pushing and enforcing this instead of just saying "well, everyone else is doing this". However, I've found that there is definatly different maturity levels at which (and how) this questions can be asked. But I think everyone has the right to know why these rules. But when you repeatedly push someone, that's a sign of immaturity

*edit I think I contradicted myself there.. I agree that constantly pushing and whining is a sign of immaturity but asking the reason isnt
Friendly Fire...... ISN'T!!

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