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Full Metal gas blowback M4 / buying online? clearing customs? whats the solution?

Alright folks,

i'm looking to buy a Gas Blowback M4 rifle, probably a KJW (tanio Koba) or AGM (RIS version). which i would upgrade after of course.

I want full metal.

Whats the best way for me to get this? i've been wanting to order online, from redwolf or such, but i'm wondering about the level of risk it involves and if it will clear customs? i've read of people here ordering online, and it didnt seem like it was an issue.

whats your take on it? does anyone have exemples of situations that happened when ordering online? If the risk is too high, whats my solution?

I'm even willing to get a used one if thats what it takes. I just want to get the damn gun without it being a hassle.

I'm not AV, for the record.

lemme know your thoughts folks.
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