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Black is an unnatural color. Even when outside in the darkest conditions, there is still some ambient light and black is easy to see. Save the black stuff and a big ol' "SWAT" logo for indoor games.

As for outdoor colors, it really depends on your area and what kind of camo you want to run. If it is lots of woodlands, OD may work good. If you play in big grassy fields, tan may work better. A couple weeks ago I was lying on the good in some dead leafs I could not be spotted. I had MARPAT and OD on.

Your play style also factors into things. If you run around doing battle cry's swinging a giant LMG with a big rattling box mag, it doesn't really matter what you wear. If you a sneaky person that doesn't like running around and prefer to lie down waiting for the enemy to come to you (like me) then something that matches your surrounding works best.
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