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Originally Posted by shaharov View Post
Can somebody help me out. I'm trying to compile a list of reason (besides maturity) as to why airsoft fields have 18+ restrictions for airsoft, be it legal, liability, etc and why Airsoft in general is thought to be good at 18+. Basically consider that I'm trying to tell a very mature 17 year old player why he can't play airsoft with us. I fully agree with the 18+ AV but I'm trying to see if I'm missing something and I think it's a good idea to think why exactly the age verification/restriction exists.

The biggest reason in my mind is legal responsibility. The law deems you to be legally responsible for your actions at 18 Not 17 etc etc. Bottom line is if your under 18 you can not be held responsible for your actions to the same degree as someone 18+
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