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My whole flecktarn loadout was like $400
$120 KSK pants
$140 for pouches
$60 for basic webbing and my BDU's
$80 for everything else, canteen, radio, shitty boots, etc
and then $650 for my G36K

My ACU Loadout
$1600 on my G&P 249 fully upgraded
$900 on my M4
$600 on my OTV+pouches

My multicam loadout however.....holy crap
atleast $1400 on all my load bearing gear and BDU's
I though 600 was bad for my OTV, it gets worse when you have room for a molle belt and start using droplegs....pouches are expensive lol
spent another $1400 on my M4
put another 160$ in my 249, firefly rubber, triggermaster and lipo lol

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