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no, it makes NO contact WHAT SO EVER. AT ALL, in a tightbore.
it happens alot in stock barrels on sewing machine guns with poor compression, you get alot of BB strikes on the barrel and it makes this hard plastic residue inside the barrel thats impossible to clean out. I've seen it happen at 200,000 rounds and at 60,000 rounds. But my 249 has always had great compression, at 200,000 rounds I still have no plastic residue in my stock barrel, which means the bb never strikes the side.
In stock barrels that are poorly manufactured, the bb bounces, thats why getting a tightbore, that's tighter (so air has more trouble escaping around the BB), and more consistent (so theres no bumps on the inside wall), makes it more accurate
Accuracy and range is all about getting the proper compression, because with the proper compression, your BB stays in the exact center of the barrel, not touching the walls, all the way down the barrel.

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