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Thanks for the info guys, especially on the goggles. I don't feel too bad about spending too much now either.

So far I've bought

VFC gun
battery and charger
552 HWS
4X magnifier QD, FTS mount
M6X torch/laser
3 X G&P 130rd midcaps 2 full metal and 1 Canadian Forces Thermold
3 point tactical sling
Crossdraw Tac Vest
Cadpat BDU (Boonie Hat, Patrol Cap, Combat Smock, Combat Pants, Ninja style mask)
Rifle Bag
Drop pouch (fold-up, molle)
King Arms 200 BB speed loader
Collapsible silent BB carry bottle
3500 rounds TM .2 BB's

Just over $1200 so far including shipping. As lots is still in transit I may yet have some import fees to pay, but haven't had any thus far.
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