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Review : Jing Gong M4 S-System /56k

Aaah, my first airsoft gun!

I bought this gun from Frank at (

It came with the normal stuff, a 8.4V 1100 mAH battery (Odd Double-shaped), a wall charger, unjamming rod, crappy BBs, HiCap and the manual. And the clear (dark smoke) lower receiver.

I eventually painted it black with Krylon paint.

(Sorry for the blurry pictures)

(Now, it's black, but no more trademarks )

Externally, the gun is fine. The lower receiver is made from really thick plastic and is really nice to the touch. It won't break soon. Upper receiver, is quite the opposite. Really weak, may break easily. The SIR is fine, normal pot metal like pretty much any clone. I've experienced no barrel wobble, at all. Battery compartment is a bitch. Really, really hard to fit in the stock battery, I had to make room with a dremel.

(Note : Tape on battery so we can't see the yellow through the lower part. Also look at the shaved off plastic for more room!)

One thing to remember, M4 S-System uses a different upper receiver than normal armalites. The Delta ring is a dummy one, it is not threaded into the receiver. May make it harder to do a FMU.

Collapsible Stock is fine, does wobble on the buffer tube, but it's a quick fix with some tape.

First, I'm no airsoft expert. I'm new to all this, but I did my best to learn the art of playing with mechboxes!

First of all, came with a black gearbox shell, with SB on it. Looks pretty much like any V2 gearbox.

(The fun part!)

Once it's opened, hmm, that's the bad part. First, grease everywhere. Looks (and smell) really bad. Shimming job is disgusting, all gears were touching, and no grease at all on them!

Once cleaned-up and reshimmed

(Note : I have a Modify bearing spring guide that I added. It is not the stock one!)

Came with that orange Piston, seems decent quality, Metal Spring guide, and everything else in the bottom picture. I also added some Modify part next to it as a comparison.

(Note : The MASK piston head gave me alot of trouble. But it's now back on the Modify piston.)

(Above Spring is the Modify S90. One below is the stock Spring (chrono'd at 392 with .2s))

(Golden Eagle motor, hmm?)

(That Anti-Reversal latch is nearly impossible to put in the gearbox. It loves to jump out of his spot when you are struggling with the spring and trying to shut the other halve of the gearbox.)

My conclusions
As I'm no airsoft expert, I can't give this airsoft a rating.

What I can say is :

-This gun looks good, feels good, and shoots good (Until I messed it up!)
-This gun is too hot for indoor play
-It's a clone. Be ready to struggle with upgrades.

Final words, it's a good starter gun, but I wish I'd bought a better gun off the classifieds.

Hope you liked, sorry if my english isn't perfect. If anything I've said is wrong, Pm me!

Thanks to anyone who helped me in my Doctor's corner threads (Amos, m102404 and others), and you, Tiny Tim! :lol:


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