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I play at panther as well, and the goggle specifications are they have to be paintball approved goggles, and a full seal. I recommend the JT series, which is what 80% of Op-for uses. The reason they don't allow things like ballistic goggles is because it isn't covered by their insurance since it is a paintball field.

I have the spectre series (Proflex I think) and with dual fog lenses, they haven't fogged once. Of course, you don't have to buy them from this website, just a picture reference. I got mine from Panthers store in Downtown langley. I believe it was $50 for the mask (you can strip it down to just the goggles) and $15-30 for the dual fog lenses. I also bought some anti-fog spray, but haven't needed to use it much.

As for gear, I'm probably at...500 ish. Still buying more never ends

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Why dont you give Panther PB a call and ask them yourself whether or not full face protection is required. (604) 533-0890
Full face isn't required, it's a personal choice here. Some wear them just to cover their face and teeth, while others don't to have a nice cheek weld (right name?) and just keep their mouth shut when in a firefight.

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