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What you need to get "Started" (I say this because you never finish)

Gun ~500-600 for a solid TM or CA
Goggles ~20-25 for pb goggles
Boots ~100-150 for a GOOD pair

From there, I reccomend
5-6 Magazines ~100 (Low-Midcaps)
Vest to carry em in ~50-150
BDU's ~50-150 (Depending on pattern/used/surplus etc)

Ur probobly looking around 1k budget to get a solid start.

You could cheap out by getting clones, but really... all it takes is one breakdown, and the labour + parts costs will probobly set you back enough that it would have been much cheaper to pay the extra 100-150 for a solid gun to begin with.

Kit its not soo bad, Boots you should always get a high quality pair, but vest bdu's arnt as important safety wise.

Everything else after that is just Extras.

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