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I spent about 430 bucks on my gun then bought a red dot for about 60 bucks then a silencer for 40 bucks.. I bought some ris rail covers for 20 bucks. I orig bough 2 high cap d-boy mags for 30 bucks which gave me 3 high caps but then i decided i wanted to go with 90 round low caps so i bought 8 of those for 100.. A bag of bb's for 15 bucks. IBH helmet for 55 and a flash light for about 10 bucks from canadian tire and a mount for 20. I bought a black top that was 45 bucks then 2 pair of camo pants Marpat woodlands and Multicam those were about 60 bucks a pop each. My vest and boots i got in the states on a great deal plus a coupon which prob would have ran me over 100 but i got them for 50 bucks that was a steal. I bought gloves for about 20 bucks and to sets of goggles. 1 paintpallg rade for cqb or when ever it is needed 40 bucks and a pair of ESS 60 bucks. Knee pads for 20 bucks. I also got a balaclava and a shemagh the blala was 10 bucks and the shem was 20 bucks.. so in total i have spent 1145 bucks...

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