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Originally Posted by LightBulb View Post
So what's this business of sparring some lube at the BB entrance when doing a cleaning of your gun?
Dude its called bad information, happens all the time. Think things through from start to finish. The only way to put a back spin (thats what the hop-up does) is by friction, and the user will want to fine tune this feature. Cover it in slick silicone and the friction is greatly reduced, to the point of being nearly ineffective even when fully set on. How can this happen? Well put silicone down your barrel or in the mag wells feeding tube and you will find it on your hop rubber.

So how can you keep your barrel clean? Use the smallest amount of microfiber cloth and weave it into the end of your un-jamming rod then clean. All dirt and dust will be gonefor the most part so just do a full take down each year and you'll be good.
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