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Well I got myself a set of these but I did something fun with them...I ripped them apart and modified them. Still the monocule cyclopes look but it is now housed in a waterproof Metal casing with 2 (1 removable, 1 fixed) Polycarbinate lense for damage protection. I also have modified the power supply to run a NiMH pack instead of AA's. Also I fooled around with the IR illuminators and made them on a seperate switch allowing me to turn them on or off so I don't stand out. I also changed the main focusing lense with a slightly convex lense to enhance the Depth Perception so now, with a little practice, I am able to manuver just as well with them on. All in all, cost me about an extra $100 plus some tinker time, but they are much better then what came with the Game. They have been field tested and work a hell of a lot better too. I get about 75 feet of sight with them. and yes they have been shot and droped and stepped on and still work

So if you have the time, the knowledge, and the patience then it is well worth doing. Great for airsoft gaming and recon.
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