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It is legal in Canada to own a airsoft gun with no orange tip

I thought i would bring this situation to everyone attention incase it happens to anyone else....

Last night me and my bf got pulled over by an OPP because his one headlight was burnt out...I had an airsoft game that day so I had my gun case in the bed of the truck and the police officer obviously seen it and questioned me about it and they told me that because there is no orange tip on it that it is illegal, I thought it was a new rule that i wasn't aware of. The officer gave me 2 choices to either smash it on the side of the road in front of them or they take it in, obviously im not goin to smash my gun so I let them take it. They let me go go with no charges at all.

I immediately phoned Myfrog (one of the admins to WAC) and i told him what had happened, We called the police to see how i can get my gun back, myfrog talked to the srgt and the srgt said that as long as the gun is in Canada it doesn't NOT need an orange tip. The officer that pulled me over thought that if there was no orange tip that it was illegal. The srgt told me that the cop was wrong and that I can come pick up my gun at the station.
We clarified with the srgt that as long as its in Canada it doesn't need to have an orange tip...It needs to be in a gun case and only taken out when at play.

So, If this same situation happen to anyone else where the officer that pulls you over and tells you that your airsoft gun is illegal because there is no orange tip, politely say that is not true as long as it in Canada the tip doesn't need to be painted orange and that they should clarify with the srgt. The office that pulled me over was just doing a civic duty and getting guns off the street, which i understand clearly, but i had my gun properly in a case, farthest away from my reach. It is legal in Canada to own an airsoft gun with no orange tip as long as its always in a case while traveling.
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